Bharath Jyothi conferred on Litterateur Navalar. N.Nandhivarman a humanist socio-political activist, ideologue of Dravidian movement ,bi-lingual poet, orator, writer having four decades of unblemished public life who strives for establishing a world without beggar’s outstretched palm, the miser’s heartless stony stare, the piteous wail of want, the pallid face of crime, the livid lips of lies , the cruel eyes of scorn, a race without disease of flesh or brain, a land where life lengthens, fear dies, joy deepens, love intensifies, and man regains his dignity as enunciated by Aringnar Anna.
Entered politics as Student DMK leader in 1965 and found place in the book Struggle for Freedom of Languages in India written by Former Alagappa University Vice Chancellor Dr.A.Ramasamy as one of the 36 student leaders who led the Tamil language struggle. In the book DMK Rise and Contribution by the same author he is listed as one of the 12 student leaders of DMK.

At the inception of Anna DMK, he was first to announce the new party’s name and its goal as Annaism on 18th October 1972 and MGR later accepted the name of the party. Within two months of Anna DMK formation just because he criticized the double standards of Communists who were sharing power with DMK in Pondicherry while aligning with MGR in Tamilnadu, he was suspended from Pondicherry State Convener’s post, driving him to rejoin DMK again. During the darkest days of emergency handful only fought with their pen, he is one among them. He floated an experimental political party Dravida Peravai and registered in 1996 and fought for issues like interlinking of rivers.

At 16 he started to write in both languages Tamil and English and Pondicherry Government had conferred the Tamil maamani title on him in 2009.

His blog War against Corporate Greed and his books speak for themselves winning him the affection of people from all walks of life. Comrade George Fernandes made him special invitee to the Samata Party National executive and in a rare gesture his party was admitted as associate party till George Fernandes was at the helm of affairs. Associated with numerous human rights struggles he promotes scientific outlook and stands up for the common man shunning the electoral path.