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Collector of Karaikal



Respected Mr. Franklin Laldinkuma


Subject:Greetings and Introducing ourselves……..


On behalf of the people of Karaikal and on behalf of Karaikal Union Territory Struggle Group for which I am the Honorary President and on behalf of the experimental political party Dravida Peravai for which I am the General Secretary, I welcome wholeheartedly  your assumption of office as 4th  Collector of Karaikal. Karaikal an enclave of Puducherry got step motherly treatment since independence and main enclave walked away with all development. Our struggle group started in 2005 appealed to defeat all sitting legislators of that time since they failed to fight for Karaikal’s rights. People heeded our call, defeated all 4 sitting Congress M.L.A’s leaving two DMK M.L.A’s to scrap through in double digit vote differences. This electoral debacle taught then ruling Chief Minister N.Rangasamy a bitter lesson, who unilaterally announced Karaikal as District. That is how Karaikal is elevated to district status. We were demanding separate Union Territory status for Karaikal once main enclave Puducherry becomes statehood. The status of of Karaikal as District was ambiguous since Home Ministry had to notify, and our District could not be declared backward district to get special attention, in view of this ambiguity. Recently when our delegation met the Union Home Ministry officials in North Block, we raised the issue to get clarification, and we got within four walls. After assuming Collector of Karaikal it would be your duty to sanctify our District status, to legitimize our District status, to ensure Karaikal is made into backward district to get special care under UN-Planning Commission joint schemes.


With this we welcome you with open heart. Mizos are known to have no class discrimination or discrimination based on gender. We hope in your administration you will not show any discrimination to party in power or party in opposition or political parties or people’s organizations like us. We all are for people. Our Tamil poet Kaniyan Pongundran two thousand years ago said “Every Country is my country, every man is my kinsman”. This Tamil nobility finds its echo in Mizo’s “Tlawmngaihna” the code that inculcates in Mizos to be kind and hospitable to all, to be unselfish and naturally we would expect these noble qualities to be inherent in you and will act as guiding principle in serving the people of Karaikal.


Dravida Peravai, and the Mizo People’s Conference headed by Brigadier T.Sailo along with Nagaland Peoples Conference headed by Mr.Vamuzo were admitted as associate parties of Samata party headed by Comrade George Fernandes, and as special invitees I used to have friendly relationship with Brigadier T.Sailo, the Chief Minister of Mizoram between 2nd June 1978 to 10th November 1978 and subsequently between 8th May 1979 to 4th May 1984, and who is still MLA from Aiwa West-II constituency.


When Mr.B.V.Selvaraj I.A.S, a poet whose poems I translated in Tamil was Resident Commissioner of Mizoram Guest House, I used to stay there enjoying the Mizo hospitality, since Puducherry House stinks with un-cleanliness and amoral activities which had multiplied to uncontrollable magnitude since then.


I always sympathize with North Eastern peoples. In Manipur when Mr.Radha Binod Khoijam became Samata Party Chief Minister, I had personal contacts.


More than that I do believe NAGAS are DRAVIDIANS. Yes we are one, it is my firm belief, which I had elaborated in my research paper enclosed titled: Nagas are Dravidians. It is downloadable from our party website:


Also enclosing a note on our party Dravida Peravai, a splinter of DMK, for which Mr.R.Sundarraj is the Karaikal District Organizer.


Having introduced myself , l would wish to say that our Karaikal Union Territory Struggle Group, which is not a party but where parties and people have found common platform to fight for Karaikal’s rights have joined hands will soon call on you to greet you and to expect from you deliverance of good governance on behalf of Puducherry Government.


MIZORAM was one of the Districts of ASSAM till 1972 when Mizoram was made into a Union Territory. In 1987 it got promotion as 23rd State of Indian Union. Let Karaikal that was made into a District after 5 decades of neglect be soon be promoted to UT status and towards this goal we will be offering you constructive help but also be strong to condemn any move to deprive us the rights we have won like the regional quota in higher education.


With Regards                                                        Yours fraternally


General Secretary Dravida Peravai

Hon. President : Karaikal Union Territory Struggle Group


2nd May 2010

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